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6 ways to help your child succeed with Sing & Speak

Parents play a crucial role in improving their child’s communication with Sing & Speak. Here are six great tips for helping your child succeed:

1. Sit down with your child

This first step is also the most important! Make some time (even 5 or 10 minutes each day) to sit down with your child and engage with the Sing & Speak programme.

2. Don’t be shy

Relatedly, don’t worry if you’re not a very good singer. We want you to have fun with your child. The quality of your singing plays little part in that. Rather, it’s the process of taking the time to sing and have fun together that will be of greatest benefit to your little one’s communication.

3. Get moving

Start moving – legs, arms, anything. We love dancing too! Body movements, such as gesturing and dancing, are important elements of communication. Pay attention to your child and follow their lead. If they move, move along with them!

4. Monitor your child’s progress

Notice how your child engages with our programme. Are they paying more attention as they progress? Are they moving more? Are they babbling or saying certain words? Take note of any areas of improvement, help them develop in their own time, and move on to other lessons as they progress.

5. Celebrate your child’s successes and learn from challenges

Congratulate your little one. If they are paying attention for longer or signalling a new understanding of certain objects or words, tell them “well done”! Reaffirmation is an important part of learning and developing speech and language.

6. Make Sing & Speak a family activity

Invite other adults, siblings, or other family members to join in the sing-song. Encourage games and rewards. Who can sing the loudest? Who can fill in the gap the fastest? Be imaginative. Watch a video with the entire family and see where it takes you. And above all, have fun!

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