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5 smartphone apps that can aid communication development

At Sing & Speak we like to keep an eye on current digital products that can improve children’s speech and language. Here are five great apps that we find helpful:

1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is one of the most successful and widely used education platforms in the world. It is a non-profit organisation whose supporters include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google. The Khan Academy Kids app is designed by experts in early childhood education to teach children aged 2-7 in maths, reading, phonics, writing, and social-emotional development. The app is free and has no ads or subscriptions.

2. Speech Blubs

Speech Blubs is a speech therapy app designed to help children aged 1-8 learn new sounds and practise speech. The app features video-modelling activities, exercises, and games aimed at triggering sound and word production in children experiencing language and developmental difficulties. Paid subscriptions operate on a monthly or annual basis, and customers can download a free trial version of the app for a limited time.

3. Articulation Station

This app was created by a certified speech-language therapist for parents, therapists and educators to help people with speech sound delays. Each of the 22 sound programs targets sounds in the initial, middle and final positions of words, sentences and stories. The app is free to download with access to a limited number of sounds. Additional sounds can be purchased through the app, or customers can pay to upgrade to the complete version.

4. Lingokids

Lingokids’ “playlearning” app is intended to help children aged 2-8 and is primarily designed to teach them English and expand their vocabulary and literacy skills. The app features lessons, games and animated songs. Customers can download a limited version of the app for free, or the unlimited version with over 700 games, songs, and videos for full price.

5. Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool app covers phonics, reading, writing, nursery rhymes, and coding. It is designed by certified Montessori teachers for 3-7 year olds. The app features a virtual classroom with different lessons and nursery rhymes. Customers can subscribe annually for full payment and a free trial is available.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful. What other apps do you recommend? Share them with us and other parents on our forum!

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